Today’s blog is dedicated to Fr. Mark Hughes and Fr. Sam Plummer and my friends and family at Holy Redeemer Parish in Kensington, Maryland.  Dear friends all.  Believers.

The … history of man … is not one of progress but of … redemption.

Gerald Vann, in The Water and the Fire

“And don’t you forget it.”

Bobby Sylvester

+ + +

We live in a darkened age of unbelief.  There is not much doubt of this.

Yet, we still have redemption, and Christ the Redeemer.  But how do we explain what redemption is so we might live with it in our consciousness each day and sustain belief in this dark age?

Redemption is God’s masterpiece.  In it all disfigured by sin are remade, restored to our primordial state of being.

God foresaw our fall and willed before it that we would be redeemed by the presence, life and sacrificial death of His Son.

Yes, God converted sin and failure to good … established that Good triumphs over evil.  In this, one is not just pardoned but made whole – restored to an original state.  Such is the glory of God to bestow on us – new life in Christ, to count us as His children.

This is our belief and this is what others, particularly secularists and secular government, try to take from us, destroy and erase from Western culture, from this Nation.

In Christ, redemption and incarnation are united.  This is our story, our treasure, our experience – that which cannot be denied by others – ever.  Yet, this is what we must proclaim and live – daily in a disciplined life of belief in action.  Each one of us who believe – individually, and gathered in public groups that grow in size, voice and faith.

In redemption Christ is the exemplar of human existence for all faithful believers. We are His people, His voice, His hands, His breath, His heart, His presence – His Light in the world.

It is said that the moral worth of any act is derived from its value.  In Christ’s redemptive death we have an act that exceeds all time, is infinite and superior to any act of love or justice man might engage – no matter their good intent.

Make no mistake – our efforts in contrast to Christ cannot ever measure up.  Be alert that you be told otherwise.  Rulers, kings and queens are mortals only, their laws hen-scratching when without God and belief in God.  Their acts, without believe in God, are bound to pride, sin, corruption, folly and worse.

Remember with Christ, we are licensed to say with St. Paul, “Where sin abounded, grace did more abound.” (Rom 5:5)

Where Adam and Eve acted in disobedience and out of pride, Christ acted in obedience and complete self-giving sacrifice.  This is our claim, our belief.  

Let no secularist or radical humanist take this from you.  For to do so, places us back in a spiral of sin far worse than the First Transgression.  ‘Tis time we stop the encroaching darkness and those who push it on us.