… the individual … is responsible for living his own life … if he persists in shifting his responsibility to somebody else, he fails …

Thomas Merton

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Don’t you just wish Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Democrat Party of the Left read Thomas Merton?

Today we have two political parties.  The Party of Irresponsibility and the rest of us.

Yes, the Democrat Party of the Left does not trust the human being to live free, face life as it comes and own the free choices he or she makes.  They, of course, see themselves as the anointed ones, leaders of all things pertaining to us.  Their justification: they went to Yale or Harvard, are lawyers, have a Ph.D., etc. – know better than us.

Yet, college does not form character, nor license a claim to wisdom or courage. 

On the contrary, the Democrat Party of the Left specializes in irresponsibility.

Need examples?  Mismanagement of the VA system, corruption of the IRS, piling up big, big debt, the shrinking of the American military, the manufacture and perpetuation of racial conflict, the protection of a failing public school system, Benghazi and the death of those serving us in dangerous foreign outposts, virtually no economic growth, a dwindling middle class, the exponential growth of dependent citizens, open borders, the deaths of millions of unborn children, the destabilization of the Middle East, the disembodying of marriage, the utter disregard for the protection of top secret material, the poisonous proliferation of government regulation, bloated bureaucracies, the national health care disaster … etc.

This year we shall either elect to trust the individual person, or to distrust the individual person.  It really is that simple.

… the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

Anne Frank

Failing to take responsibility for your own life is a faithless act.