Apologies for posting late.  Today was a full day or son, grandson, daughter-in-law.  It was a blessed day that began early and ended too soon – for with them my life sings as God has made it to sing.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Wm. Shakespeare, in Hamlet

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Man and the Supernatural

The human person is gifted to exceed the boundary of his or her natural existence.  This gift is a taste for, and a capacity to realize, what is supernatural.

As a gift given to the human being – it is finite.  As a gift given by God – it is also divine.

We see this gift in the Incarnation and in the Sanctifying Grace.

In the former we see God as man in Jesus the Christ: God as man and as Divine – two natures united in one being.

As to grace, the human person is capable to possessing God, of contemplating God – this is the privilege of knowing and loving God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and thus a privilege which allows us to share in God’s nature and existence.

Yes, man no longer alone, forsaken, lost, dependent of the institutions of this world, on reason alone, or force or violence, barter or gold, limiting compromises, slave status; man no longer in doubt, afraid, apprehensive, despairing, anxious, controlling – no longer dependent, trapped, sad, hopeless, envious, angry, discontented … this gift presented: man and woman beyond the boundary of a natural life and its implicit limitations.

In this gift we soar in life and thereafter.

Cultures either respect and preserve this gift – or oppose and diminish it.

In the former, a full Christian life is available.  In the latter, it is far less so.

I leave it to you to decide just which culture you occupy now.  And in this, I invite you to soar – soar contrary to all the hurdles that are presented at any give time.