There is no life if man does not know in whose name he ought to live and in whose glory he ought to work.

Joseph L. Hromadke, in Doom and Resurrection

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Life is a freely given gift.  In life we are both noble and weak.  A human being has a natural life and a supernatural life.

Natural Life

We are composed of body and soul – one whole, in God’s wisdom a unification of all that is – the material and the supernatural, mortality and eternity existence.

In this we know emotions and passions and we respond often instinctively and can reason. We also sense being itself, and a quest for truth and what is good.

We are, it follows, a combustible entity drawn to perfection in this somewhat contradictory state.  The emotional and passionate state must be mastered in order to know the know and experience beingtruth, and good.

This mastery takes time, a life of time, and experiences and honest (yes, contemplative and informed) self-examination.  The baser impulses must be tamed for perfection to flourish.  A failure to do this, makes for a base and unhappy life – a life of disintegration.

Make no mistake an exclusionary secular society, such as we have (in large part), limits us to the first state of being and creates endless disintegration, disorder and unhappiness – individual, familial, interpersonal, communal, social, emotional, psychological, intellectual, civic, political and national.  This is precisely the destructive space we occupy now.

We are in a primitive and chaotic state of existence – one utterly unnecessary whose poison fruits are many: divorce, adultery, pornography, addiction, abortion, violence, child abuse and neglect, depression, suicide, murder, ignorance, public corruption, sexual politics and its utter and fundamental deconstructing confusion, racism … etc.

In normal times, life is a struggle.  Under our present circumstances – it is so much more.

We wallow in our lower state absent the good we need and are made to seek, know and experience – absent contentment, certainty, happiness, honor and strength.

We live a tension between the flesh and the spirit, between the human being and His and Her Maker.  Ignorant of who we fully are – we are trapped by passions, and desires – thinking that these provide contentment.  They cannot, and they do not.

But we are not consigned to this condition indefinitely – for we can foresee what bad choices bring.  Likewise, we have the ability to moderate our actions  We can avert our thoughts from vengeance, lust, dishonesty, etc.  We have the will to seek what is good, to do what is good and avoid what is evil and destructive.

Prayer is our ally in the quest for good.  Worship, too.  As is the company of others who seek good as we do.  Scripture and familiarity with your religious narrative is exceedingly important – so you might, in common course, mitigate your baser nature.

Yes, in this – one journeys to God and what is our higher call.  It is this upward journey that ends in eternal life.  We journey, indeed, from what is small, and weak, and temporary in us – to what is large and strong, and forever.

Think about this.


note – With acknowledgment of Adolphe Tanquerry’s book The Spiritual Life which is a remarkable resource and contributes so much to these blogs on “The Perfection of Christian Life.”