… children, remain in him, so … we may have confidence and not be put to shame …

1 Jn 2:28

+ + +

Perfection?  Yes.  Perfection of a life?  Yes.  Christ and perfection?  Yes.  Christ and the perfection of a life?  Yes.  The perfection of a Christian life?  A resounding “yes” again.

We are poorly catechized.  We have not been instructed sufficiently.  We have ceased to learn as we age.  We are distracted.  We have failed to learn what takes a lifetime to know. We have abandoned the effort to perfect life as it is promised a Christian, as we are made to know and experience as a Christian.

Is it any wonder that we have strayed?  That ideologues lead us astray?  That we are despondent?  Fail at marriage?  Become addicted?  Seek dependency on government? Cannot even maintain a healthy regard for our Temple the body, and its basic health?

Can we be surprised we are emotionally starved?  Witness violence?  Betrayal? Loneliness? Dishonesty and dishonor?

We are lost.  Even in religious life there are people in hiding, pleased to avoid the challenge to live fully, abundantly – to live a Christian life.  I know first hand this is so.

Yes, we live in difficult times and face a pivotal election, an election that will either hasten our fall or perhaps, only perhaps, halt the dangerous decline the ideologues and the “go-alongs” have delivered.  Yet, for us as professed Believers there is but one task and that is this: the Christian life – and our perfection in it.

Today – a simple lesson to begin.  A small bite.  One fit for all who claim to believe or wish to believe, or be oriented to believe, oriented toward a life of Christian perfection.

God gives us not only a natural life of the soul but also a supernatural life of grace.

The grace we are given allows us to share a life with God, in relation to God. Nothing is more important to the human person- this is our created status, our identity as God’s children – as friend, not slave – and nothing but this can neither give us contentment, purpose and meaning nor bring us happiness.  Yes, the same happiness that is mentioned is that of our founding as a unique and brave nation which preserves and protects liberty and its people.

The perfection of a Christian life comes to us through the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ because he is the most perfect exemplary of what we are promised in our conception and birth – the nullification of which by human hand present a great tragedy.

So, yes, – Christ the example is necessary to our perfection – and to the peace and purpose of our community.  Let no one convince you to the contrary, nor can you ignore this but that you will consign yourself to unhappiness and worse.

The gifts of pure love and the Beatific Vision allows that we know and experience God in our human existence.  In this we shall be blind no more, awaiting in the afterlife our final perfection in the presence of God.

Our earthly perfection seeks our continual striving to effect and intimacy with God in this life.  While culture and elections, as part of culture, can either impede or hasten our intimacy with God – cultures and leaders who would become obstacles to God need be denied, opposed, dismissed, defeated, rejected lest we chose to be slaves rather than a friend of God.

It is a rare moment we have been called to live in 2016.  It is a telling time, a sacred time for all – but surely for those who believe.