… Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple and overturned the table of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.

Mt 21:12

+ + +

Bernie Sanders, a Socialist – one who has never run as a Democrat – won the Indiana Democrat Party primary.

Donald Trump, one who never held elected office and shows nary a sign of a conventional candidate – let alone a Republican and surely not one marching to traditional conservative music, is on the road to win the Republican nomination for President.

We live in strange times, to say the least.  These may well be “temple times.”

Having not been privy to the necessary polling data nor the demographic snapshots it might give, I do not to say that I understand what is afoot in any definitive way.  That said, I can offer some useful observations – given what we know from the analysis and acute appraisals of a number of esteemed experts and wise people who have charted America’s course over the last seven decades and even further back into our history.

Among the things that can be said are these.

As to what it says about the population:

  • a significant portion of the population are upset – they feel betrayed and discounted
  • they likely include the middle class and many who aspire to retain their place, see their life grow in prosperity or join it
  • they likely also include those who believe in the Judeo-Christian narrative and in America as the embodiment of it
  • they value our rare dedication to liberty
  • they value the Constitution and its provisions on freedom of religion, speech and the right to bear arm
  • all things considered, they prefer to be left alone
  • they value the opportunity to work, and prefer a smaller government and local government over central government in most things – save maintaining a strong national defense.

As to what it says about politics, it says this:

  • the Democrat Party has become offically the Democrat Party of the Left (DPL) – a political party of Big Brother Government and full of Socialists and quasi-communist Left ideologues – with a smathering of pacifists, nihilists, anarchists and racists – most of whom are embarassed by, or hostile to, this country and its ways
  • the DPL does not believe in God – they believe in themselves, their own narrow and false ideological views, and in power and politics; they favor “reason” (its selective use) over anything larger that takes in human existence – they are minimalists with grand designs on all things
  • the DPL imposes its views on others and thinks of “compromise” as agreeing with them
  • the DPL policies, like Obamacare, are ill-conceived and damaging
  • the DPL sacrifices people to policy – it is intolerant and totalitarian in many things
  • the Republicans, on the other hand, have been too cooperative with the leftist tilt for years, with but few exceptions – President Reagan, most notably
  • having neglected to hold its ground and distinguish itself from the DPL, it now has a populace candidate as its “just” dessert.

So what can be said now?

People are fed up.  Their disgust is reasonable.  Their presence is a bottom-up presence, not a top-down presence.  They are leading the “push back” and the conversation.

Just as Christ’s presence in the temple was a surprise, so too is the presence of those who are upset. He did what was needed.  Perhaps, today’s dissatisfied citizens are doing this too.