Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is the same nature as it … Love is the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.

Victor Hugo

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Dedicated to J.F.S., S.G.S, E.F. and P.M.

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Few things say love to me like the sound of solo classical guitar music.

Perhaps, it is the sound that comes from touch, touch that moves and changes – yet, constant, always pleasing, comforting and confirming.

Yes, confirming that there is beauty, and Creation, and humans are gifted to share in the creation of beauty – channel God in this, that we might hear it, receive this beauty that gives us peace and assurance.

This sound and its beauty says to us: there is an eternity, that we are called to it through the toils of each day, the losses, and the rains and winds of nature and disappointment.

It says too that man need not always summon the fight that they so often must engage.

Today the guitar plays.  It is raining and the cows have eaten their way down the ridge. They provide a parade of the unharried, the unworried – a daily reminder of that state of being that God promises to those who believe.   A state a woman provides in her gentle loving presence and its unceasing, unconditioned gift. This: a rest and so great a hope in the midst of life’s combat.

Yes, it is quiet here and it is gray and no one stirs outside.  The clouds lay low and the mist has settled in the valleys.  The cool dampness speaks of a warming fire and that, too, adds peace to the day, enkindles the heart’s memory.

This sound of love calls to me to those women who love me – past and present.

Yes, a man receives a woman’s love and it is the comfort of the heavenly breath of paradise.  It is a glimpse of God for life’s weary soldier.

So here we are – with Mother’s Day coming on us.  Can we as men not stop to remember who women are in their heavenly best – the gentle breath of paradise?