” … it is not enough for the deviant to be normalized.  The normal must be found to be deviant.”

Charles Krauthammer, in “Defining Deviancy Up,” The New Republic, November 22, 1993

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I have been asked by others what I think of Catholic colleges and universities inviting abortionists and others antagonistic to the Church’s teachings to speak on their campuses, or who give awards and grant honorary degrees to those who publicly oppose Catholic moral teachings.

In thinking about this question, the above quote came to mind.

Mr. Krauthhammer observes that it is not simply that a sick culture houses and accepts bad behavior, but that the housing of bad behavior results in normal behavior becoming identified as deviant.

I cite an example which attends to the question raised in the first paragraph.

When those who engage in conduct and practices that offend Catholic teaching are invited to speak at an heretofore esteemed Catholic college or university, or given awards or honorary degrees at the institution, any objection raised by Believers who take offense is seen as “censorship,” “intolerance,” or worse.

Yes, asserting a standard of moral and religious belief is identified itself as an offense, outlawed, as a deviant conduct – an offense to free speech.

Aside from this stifling the free speech of the Believer, such a response makes one person’s free speech deviant and prohibited and spreads the objectionable conduct of the abolitionist or others into the culture.  It provides a legitimacy to conduct that the Church rightfully and morally finds objectionable and at odds with tenets of the faith and it beliefs.

So, the Church and faith itself becomes suspect, delegitimized.  Its faith, beliefs and practices – the institution and the mere notion of belief becomes “deviant” and discredited.  This is pretty much where we are today.

Yes, the Catholic college and those who run it, by permitting deviancy to be honored, are undermining the Church to whom it is attached, and making religion and belief itself deviant.  Such is the attack on Western Civilization and its deconstruction by the Left.

Simply stated, housing deviancy – honoring it – has the effect of destroying what is good and has been identified as such for centuries.

In practical terms this is what the ideas and practices of modern liberalism and the modern liberal state and its proponents on the Democrat Left have done.

As to the co-option of Catholic institutions – some colleges and universities once honored as esteemed run the risk of becoming neither a community of saints, nor a community of scholars.

Some have already taken on the form of modern liberalism and their constituents.

One wonders in this what can be made of those who rally around Mr. Trump? Are they the Believers who have been discounted one time too often?  I suspect a strong repudiation might be in the air.

We live in interesting times.  Could it be that the door is closing on modern liberalism and its deviance?