Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.

Clay Shirky, in Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations

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This election may well be the first Twitter Election in history.  Oh, yes, the lad in the White House used social media in his election to activate volunteers and the Democrat Party of the Left collected a small coterie of data people whose work was both smart and successful, but think of what is happening now.

Bernie Sanders is raising extraordinary amounts of money through social media. Yet, more astonishing is what Donald Trump is doing with social media.

Think of Trump and Twitter.

Is it mere coincidence that Mr. Trump twitters early each morning?  Is it accident, or intent, that his morning tweets capture the media bugs like light captures moths?

Is it any wonder that he controls the media story each day with these tweets? That his tweets carry authenticity in their misspellings?  That they are controversial, attention-grabbers?  Or that Mr. Trump runs a successful national campaign without a huge budget or battalions of campaign-workers?

Contrast his effort with that of Jeb Bush of the $101 million campaign fund. Better yet, think of the contrast between Dame Hillary Clinton and The Donald.

The sharpest contrast and most revealing truth that emerges as to Hillary and Trump and social media is this: Ms. Clinton uses social tools not to engage but to hide and evade, while Mr. Trump uses them to gather and orchestrate.

In this she reflects her personality, one that is controlling, private, evasive, concealing, calculating, fabricating, etc.  If you doubt this just think of the “elephant” in Hillary’s living room – her use of her private processor, the deletion of 30,000 emails she deemed “private” and the present criminal investigation that her antics correctly and predictably produced.

If social media is a violin, Trump plays it to attract an audience while and Ms. Hillary uses it as a hammer to nail down her private interests – political, egotistical and, perhaps, financial.

So what might we say about the contrast and Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton, and about this Twitter Election?

As to the first: The Donald is “today” in his use of social media, and Ms. Hillary is living in the 1960’s in every possible way, including as to social media. Yes, her rhetoric and actions amplify this rather clearly.  She is old, passe – yesterday and long ago.

As to Trump one might add this: he has tapped into the use of social media to raise questions that the media and elected politicians avoid – like the need to put “political correctness” to the test and to critique the effects of radical feminism, to defend our borders and our national identity, to highlight the loss of jobs available to the middle class and those who aspire to enter it, etc.

In thinking about social media and its use, I flash on two images: one – an aging Republican Party elite who more than likely are not social media savvy, and two, the Princes of my Church who still dress in medieval grab, a dress far removed from today.

The times they are a’ changing …

Bob Dylan