Ae fond kiss, and then we sever; Ae farewell, and then forever!

Who shall say that Fortune grieves him?  While the star of hope she leaves him?

Fare thee well, thou first and fairest!  Fare thee well, thou best and dearest.

Robert Burns, Ae Fond Kiss

+ + +


If you have not heard this lovely poem put to voice and music, do so.  Burns, a Scot, is well put to song in the sweet Celtic voice of fair skin ladies.

Listening to it moved me to memory, made long ago yesterdays today – brought yore to fore.

A heart still young.  Love neither departs, nor dies.  In love there is no farewell, nor final exit. In love, time does not steal, nor does touch cease.

But do we live as if we know this?  Can we see what Burns doth show us?  Fear I do that this is lost. A tariff lesser than its cost.


Yesterday, they recovered the body of a pretty young woman among the rocks in the quiet of the mountain wilderness.  She had been missing for several days. She had a handsome husband and a job serving and saving others.  She was an athlete, fit and healthy – a life yet to live.  A suicide note remained.


Sadness consumes our culture.  I am loath to find any public person who speaks to us of life and its worth, of grace in living, of joy and love.

Where are the optimists?  Where are the guides?  Those who reassure?  Inspire? Speak with confidence?  Conviction?  Insight?  Wisdom?


Our words each day are full of the demands of the oddest variety.  We seem unable to speak of things that matter.  Transgender toilet privileges.  Please!

Adult children waste our time with legal claims of toilet fetishes.


Those who claim to lead.  Tasteless.  Foolish.  In need of maturity – but more so of faith. Witless dolts.  Their words worthy of neglect, nothing more.

The blind cannot lead the blind. Nor the foolish fools.

They said, “Come let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name …” (Emphasis added.)

Gen 11:4

I favor Burns over Babel.  How about you?


Prayer Request – Please take a moment to pray for the repose of the soul of Nicole Mittendorff, and for the comfort of her husband, family and friends who grieve her loss.

Take note: there are more suicides than homicides in the United States each year.  Yes, politicians make hay over gun control and say nothing of the cost of godless secularism and its articulated ideologies and misshapen focus.  I can only imagine God weeps for us.