” … what can be known about God is evident … because God made it evident to them … although they knew God they did not accord Him glory as God or give Him thanks.  Instead, they became vain in their reasoning, and their senseless minds were darkened. While claiming to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for the likeness and image of mortal man … ”  (Emphasis added.)

Rom 1: 19, 21-23

+ + +

We can come to know God in the physical world and through being human and through the interaction with other human beings.

In experiencing the order and beauty of the world we can contemplate God as the source and end of all that is physical.  This world and our experience of it proclaims God in its precision, its expanse, its magnificence.  Indeed, who but God could make this world?

Yet, it is in the human person that we come to contemplate God and become alarmed when He is not seen readily by us, or others among us.

What do I mean?

One sees God in the human person, and the community of the human person, when he or she seeks truth, and beauty; seeks what is good and adheres to what is moral in doing so: rests his or her freedom on a conscience that conforms to what is moral and good, and true and beautiful; and, seeks what is infinite and brings happiness to the soul – their soul and the soulful existence of others. Then, and only then, does a man or woman see God in all God’s splendor, come to know God in each day, all seasons, minute to minute, breath to breath.

It is in this disposition that the material world and all our earthly “desires” and discomforts cease to exist in favor of meaning that is eternal, far beyond today.

It is in this disposition that we exist in God’s very Being, and hence come to full being ourselves, to peace and certainty, to contentment that reaches beyond mortality.

Each of us is made with the grace to know this – but many ignore this in the strange election to rely solely on their own dubious “genius,” in search of what they foolishly deem “necessary,” and “good.”

Now that is a fool’s errand – and it is, frankly, grossly visible among our public figures from politics to the media, in the entertainment world and in what has sadly become our institutions of “mis-education.”

Do you want to live in a country where the best of being human is widely experienced?

Then: demand that those who speak to you, desire to lead you – demonstrate that they conform to what is described in paragraph five above – – – that they have sought God in human existence and come to know and believe, to have an active faith and are humbly instructed in, and guided by, that faith, by their relationship with God.

Settle for nothing less in others, consider the godless, dead – merely voices from the grave.

Indeed for all who yap and bellow this and that godless lunacy – turn away … lest you follow today’s parade of fools to your sure destruction.