… man who says in his heart there is a God receives his life daily by divine appointment as a gift and a task set before him.

Paul Ramsey, in Nine Modern Moralists

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Today’s Post is for my Dear Friend Marty Donovan who lives by the light of faith.

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Do you experience your life as a “divine appointment?”  As a gift?

Do you live as if a sacred task is assigned to you?  Does life reveal in time your unique identity, your particular task and ways of being to which you are called?

Those who believe answer “yes.” Those who do not, cannot.  They cannot know the peace of divine purpose and meaning.  Cannot step lightly in troubles times, stand with confidence in the gales that come, nor be sure and steady in the darkest night.

What is it to believe?  How does one believe?

George Anderson reminds us in his book Man’s Right to Be Human that psychiatrists document that what a person believes about God is vital to their mental and emotional health.

Think about that: both belief and God are vital to our mental and emotional health.  Now how is that so?

The best way to tackle this proposition is to suppose that human beings are created by God for God.  Would it not be likely that there would be something of a desire for God packed within us?  Would not One who made you, leave His mark on you?  Especially if your ultimate purpose is to be in relationship with the Him?

On these terms, is it not likely that our contentment, our emotional and mental state is perfected when we believe and experience what we believe, namely: that there is a God and that we are made for relationship with the God who made us?

Look around.  I bet you never have seen this headline: Mass Murderer: A Contented, Happy, Faithful Believer.  Think about the most discontented people you know, the most troublesome people in your family or at work.  Can you say they believe and live in relationship with God?

If one begins with this single proposition: that you are made by God for relationship with God, you will have laid the cornerstone of a life of belief – and set your course toward increasing joy and contentment no matter what your place in life or the circumstances that visit you.  Fail to do that and discontent and disturbance are your plight.

Doubt this?  Look around.  Does our country look like a happy place now?  Can we say that we see an abundance of faithful men and women in leadership?  On television?  Can we find faith abundant in our culture?  In civic and political discourse?  Are we surrounded by sane, friendly, loving, just and moral people?

Or do we see lost souls?  Those who are perpetually discontented?  Those constantly complaining, demanding change, proposing one inane idea after another?  Reeking havoc?

Belief in God does not produce disorder and discontent.  Only absence of belief in God does.