I wish I had an answer to that because I’m tired of answering that question.

Yogi Berra

+ + +

Seeing Bill Clinton verbally assaulted by the angry children of the “Black Lives Matter” cub scout troop and listening to the inept comments of the media as to this idiotic collusion presented a delicious Yogi Berra moment.

Neither the media nor Brother Clinton distinguished themselves.  Neither showed any wit, nor insight.  You see, introspection is no more their game than serious study, understanding and truth. Such is the way of lazy exploitation for personal gain and comfort.  They are, shall we say, possessed of the nuance of parrots, at best.

Here, in this wonderful moment of mutual idiocy, we had Bill of the Democrat Left Party being harangued by the children of a politics he and his ilk relentlessly pursue, a course they run to create small peculiar bands of the incoherent and confused.

Yes, the vacant children of the foolish father now aim their properly learned, paper-thin ideology at one of their teachers.  Yes, you reap what you sow.

How we live for such delicious moments … and how we relish in them when such scenes are unseen by the sightless and senseless of the media and the university.

Yes, the funny and immutable thing about lying and deception, and politics and ideologies which embody each, is this:  lying of this sort produces a vicious and short “U” curve which, in quick time, bends back at its paternity.  This is, frankly, quite obvious to those wiser than can be found on the Left.  But alas the wise are fewer in number and seemingly inclined to extinction in godless secular culture.

Folks, that public moment of calamity strips bare the lies that the Democrat Party of the Left have promoted and lived, and which have been so completely absorbed by “the academy,” “the media,” and the a sundry small tribes of aspiring Marxists, socialists, nihilists, anarchists and racists – learned as surely and completely as Pavlov’s dog learned his lesson.

The Clintons and their disordered tribe do Yogi proud.  Yes, we are capable of moving in the wrong direction.

“For my people are foolish, they know Me not; they are stupid children and have no understanding.  They are shrewd to do evil … “

Jer 4:22