… they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, and they were amazed …

Acts 4:13

+ + +

This quote is from Chapter 4 of Acts.  It is from an account of Peter and John preaching to those who killed Christ.  Yes, when you believe – you speak with the confidence Peter and John and the other disciples.

Those who believe have the power within to witness in this way.  Fear not.  The words you speak are those of the God who dwells within.

What prepares us to witness in this way?

When we accept that God loves us unconditionally and remains with us always, we come to know that it is God acting within us that is the source of our confidence, and with that we speak what is true and heartfelt.

Likewise when we read and think about the Gospels, and the tales from the Old Testament, our relationship with God and our understanding of God, the Spirit and the experience of being human deepens, and we speak with something to say that others need to hear.  Yes, the recorded stories give us familiarity and courage, because those who have believed are just like us.

Consistent prayer builds in us the confidence displayed by John and Peter.  For in prayer we both listen and speak – and most importantly we acknowledge that we depend on God for support and guidance.  Yes, prayer shows our relationship with God, our dependence on a God who seeks our voice and our presence be shared with others as Believers.  Our confidence is the product of belief and our dependence on the God of love and fidelity.

This confidence grows as we face travail for in trials we become strong, wise and unafraid. Conviction strengthens in adversity and in opposition – but there, too, others experience your belief, your faith, the Truth you say and witness.

When you awake each day, you have escaped death once again, and you have rested in peace.  Are you not to gain confidence from this – that God has kept you still and safe so you might be His in each new day?

You believe.  You possess in belief – confidence.  Use it.  Our needs are great. Others falter and are lost, confused, upset, despairing …  Speak and act.  You are a Believer, a Disciple. Be about your Father’s business.