” … the elites have for a long time enjoyed nothing more than sneering at the anger and “racism” of their own people … They’re stiff necked, convinced of their own higher moral thinking … “

Peggy Noonan

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Ms. Noonan’s words are from an article (“Unite to Defeat Radical Jihadism”) which appeared in the March 26-27 edition of The Wall Street Journal.

In the article Ms. Noonan wrote of the very real threat of jihadist Muslims and the inability of the leaders in America and the West to comprehend what we now face.

Yes, in the recent attacks in Brussels the jihadists attacked the center of the European Union.  Yes, they intend to destroy the West and its ways.  And yes, this is a complicated problem but it is one that cannot be denied or ignored.

She wonders, in this article, how it is that our governing “elites” (I exclude our military and intelligence services) simply cannot come to grips with this threat – despite evidence of it that stretches back a number of decades.

Her answer as to why?  This proffer:

“I continue to believe part of the reason is that religion isn’t very important to many of them, so they have trouble taking it seriously as a motivation of others.  An ardent Catholic, evangelical Christian or devout Jew would be able to take the religious aspect seriously when discussing ISIS.  An essentially agnostic U.S. or European political class is less able.”  (Emphasis added.)

I have made it my business for a number of years now to look at secularism and its impact on faith.  This was my focus in my graduate theological education at the University of Notre Dame which, by the way, added to my legal training and graduate education in American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins.

There is no doubt that the more we exclude the role of faith in culture the less astute we are.  One can say, fairly, that exiling faith from culture blinds us to reality and what is obvious to Believers, namely – that others, motivated my their beliefs, wish to destroy us because we are not them.

Exiling faith from culture makes us dumber, less adept, an easier “mark.”

So what might we do?  Forget ideology and return to faith. Leftist ideology, in particular, is sheer fabrication, foolishness, folly.  It wastes time and assets and weakens us.  Those who profess it are to be dismissed, and quickly so.

Human life cannot be successfully lived absent faith.  Such an effort is life without guidance, without resolve, without hope and unity – life without answers, understanding, wisdom, insight, creativity, humility, compassion, courage, community, fellowship, joy …

We face grave challenges.  Our recent leaders have completely “dropped the ball;” actually, they have put us in a worse state than one might imagine – all because, frankly, they do not believe.  In this, they deceive themselves at a distinct disadvantage to us.

When you do not believe, you cannot lead.  We’ve got to “smarten-up” immediately.