Trust, once lost, could not be easily found.  Not in a year, perhaps not in a lifetime.

J.E.B. Spredemann, in An Unforgivable Secret

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Writing about living faith in secular culture requires that one attend to the personal side of spiritual existence and the larger canvas of one’s culture – and in the U.S. and the West this means paying attention to secular culture which increasingly excludes faith and is, more so than ever, very political – very focused on power, politics and celebrity.

That said, yesterday’s edition of The Washington Post had a very disturbing, long and exacting front page article about Democrat Left Hillary Clinton’s serious problems with her use of a personal computer system while serving as Secretary of State.

The article, entitled “How Clinton’s Email Scandal Took Root” written by Robert O’Harrow, Jr., was unlike anything I have ever seen in The Post, long a “house organ” of the Democrat Party.  It recounts how Ms. Clinton right from the very beginning of her tenure as Secretary of State insisted, despite the known risk to national security, on using her own BlackBerry for all her email communications.

Despite clear resistance from State Department security experts, she insisted using her BlackBerry for all purposes in order “to manage a torrent of email (and) to stay connected to colleagues, friends and supporters.”

She seems to have wanted to devote herself not just to the all-consuming task of being Secretary of State, but also her own personal interests and political aspirations.

Her trusted aids, The Post reports, pushed incessantly to further Ms. Clinton’s personal interest despite existing government security laws, policy and practices and the consistent opposition from the State Department’s “security, intelligence and technology specialists” as well as others from the National Security Agency.

Indeed, as The Post reports, it is most troubling that all the while the conversations between the State Department security and technology personnel and others from the intelligence community were in play, neither Ms. Clinton nor her aids revealed to them that she maintained an unsecured private email server in her New York home to which her BlackBerry was attached.

Yes, her personal interests took precedence over national security, the nation, the security of our men and women serving in uniform and as civilians around the world, over Americans traveling internationally, our economic interests worldwide – and over your safety, that of your family, your children and grandchildren.

So much for being a public servant.

Plainly speaking this article shows evidence of intent to advance her own desires – and the law, national security, the safety and welfare of others be damned.

Frankly, this article is astonishing.  Never in my 50 years as an adult reader of this and other national newspapers have I ever read anything quite like this.

Reading it made be think of the Gospel of John, Chapter 15, verse 13 reconfigured to say: “No one has lesser love than this, to lay down the lives of others for themselves.”

This article is exceedingly alarming.