O my God, since thou art with me … grant me the grace to continue in thy presence …

Br. Lawrence

+ + +

A Dear Friend from childhood emailed me and told me that on Easter just this year, she went to Mass for the first time in 35 years and she found it satisfying.

I wrote my friend immediately to tell her that the door was always ajar, the invitation always present.  Yes, she never left this home within.

My Dear Friend, Jackie, rested in her casket Saturday and in her hand was a small wooden Rosary I had given her when I visited her in the hospital several short weeks ago.  Her daughter said she had not let go of that small Rosary from the moment I gave it to her.

The door is always ajar.

You see: Presence is Presence.  There is no departure for you.  Your home is always your home.  God is always God.  God is always.  God is.  God.

And there is this to ponder: you may offer the smallest loving gesture to another … and that will root in one because we are all God’s chosen ones.  Faith has its power, love brings us back home.

Yes, you need only live in that Truth and show it in the unsuspecting act of kindness and love to lead to the door that is ajar.

Presence is Presence.  It is eternal.  God is God.  You are the modest messenger.  You live with purpose.  Confirm reality in its Truth.