Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of all of them.

Ps 103: 13, 14

+ + +

Adversity is to be welcomed for it is God’s way of building us, making us better, making us whole, more dependent on Him, closer to Him, and most importantly – it is His way of conforming our life to that of Christ.

You need never fear adversity.  Indeed, when one tries to tailor life to one’s pleasure, security, desires, ease – then, we embark on a road of great discord, great confusion and great unhappiness.

Yes, in adversity faith is built.  Likewise, adversity offers the best opportunity to advance your spiritual growth, your maturity, wisdom, understanding, strength, confidence, courage, compassion, judgement, insight, leadership, love.

Ironically, adversity often comes in the areas that we are most capable because God wishes that we not become too prideful, too reliant on our talents and gifts, our success.  No, He desires we work and walk with Him.  We are, you see, never sufficient unto our self.

Never fear adversity.  See God in it.  Know that in it you will prosper.  Be patient.  Trust God.


Question to Ponder: Who among us who wishes to lead sees the adversity we face and teaches that in it there is growth, that it is a corrective because that is God’s way?

Think about that.