“Your kingdom come.  Your will be done.  On earth as it is in heaven.”

Mt 6:10

+ + +

We know these words. They are the words of Jesus in instructing us how to pray.

If you have not read Chapter 6 of the Gospel of Matthew, you really ought to do so.  In fact, it is best to read it now and again so you can see how one may best pray.  You will see, by the way, that prayer is private and, in that, it is very personal, very intimate.

As to the three lines, I can tell you with certainty that an overwhelming number of Americans are not praying that God’s will be done here on earth and in this country.

How might I know that?  Look around.  Look at all the nonsensical “political correctness.” All human-centered, not God-centered.  All evidence of godlessness and the absence of humility.

Look at programs and policies that are godless on their face.  You know them: abortion on demand, waste-fraud-and-abuse all over the place, foolish made-up notions like “homophobia,” “white privilege,” affirmative action quotas, “sexism,” income redistribution, perpetuation of fatherless families, the re-institution of slavery by creating and sustaining inter-generational dependency – Black and White, growing division and hostility based on race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual behavior, etc.

Are any of these necessary if God’s will is done?  Do you doubt that if we were praying that His will be done, we would need these lame and divisive distractions?

What we now see as the upheaval in politics is a manifestation of how far from God’s will we have traveled.

Make no mistake, the last six decades have been led by godless pride, the absurd idea that we can do it without God – legislate “equality,” create paradise, spend money we do not have, offset the 11,000 year post-Ice Age trend of a warming globe – all sorts of destructive follies have been pursued.  Friends that is the sure product of godlessness.

Yes, Dear Friends – without God, we have chosen and pursued evil.

Our multitude of problems – collective and individual – are proof positive that we do not pray that God’s will be done.

We have met the enemy and they are us.  We are masters of destruction, artists of self-betrayal.  This must change.