Truth does not cease to exist when ignored, but you will.

R. E. S.

+ + +

Among the things you learn over the years if you pay attention to the story is this: people avoid truth and avoiding truth deny life, become sick and captured.

Yes, many live life in The Hotel California.*  Denying truth is, as it always is, seductive, attractive, relaxed and easy – effortless, so pleasant.  Benign.


In shimmering light the mission bell beckons to deceive.

Softly the madam welcomes.

Alibis glow in warm candlelight.  Sight dims.

Cool the night desert breeze.


Welcome to The Hotel California.  Such a lovely place.  Room any time of year.


Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.  Prisoners of their own device.

Summoned to the banquet table.  No wine since ’69.  No coincidence.

So be The Feast of the Undying Beast.


Programmed to receive.  Truth denied, you cannot leave.


* Credit is due to The Eagles for their wonderful story-song “Hotel California.” Magic, truth, honest, brave – just as a life well lived.  Available to all, accepted by few.  Folks, don’t sell short. Defy those who would steal the Spirit.  Swing, land a right.  Win the fight.  I am by nature part Peter.  It is what it is.  Play what you got.


Note: Those who blame Donald Trump for the conduct of the Leftists who disrupted a public assembly yesterday in Chicago show that they are Scott Peck’s “people of the lie.”

Those who disrupted this assembly are the product of the American fascist Left. Do people in the media not remember Hitler’s tactics were precisely this sort of thing?  Are they really that poorly educated?  Or just Leftists?

Disrupting freedom to assemble is not “free speech.”

Truth matters, and is seldom heard in today’s mass media.