One month of terror and ten years of it are not the same.  The element of time alters the quality of acts.  A long period of terror demands an established apparatus and becomes a permanent institution.

Czeslaw Milosz, in The Captive Mind

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These are the words of a Nobel Laureate in Literature, a Polish man who lived in Lithuania during the Russian Communist occupation and deconstruction of that country.  He saw how the Marxists installed a regime of terror and he saw how it was housed in institutions.

In a very real way, he (like many others) tells us of the problem we face when the Left gains control over a culture and state institutions.  In a real way, this is where we are today.  Our culture has been radically altered by godless ideologues.

The question is will the alterations remain?  Time is of the essence, as Mr. Milosz suggests.

Most interestingly, the Republican Party proper, in its command structure, has done virtually nothing to convey any astute critique of the deconstruction of America.

Most astonishingly, they have done nothing despite that fact that there is a large volume of sound critical literature across multiple disciplines that have laid out unimpeachable assessments of this cultural assault and its profoundly injurious consequences.

What is needed?  Independent tutoring and instruction from the ground up –  and I mean do not expect anything of use from universities, government institutions, national newspapers, national media or the “entertainment” industry.

Watch out for what you see, listen to or read.


Get informed. Learn from those who know.