… civilizations, like every other human creation, wax and wane … there can never be a lasting civilization any more than there can be a lasting spring or lasting happiness in an individual life … a fallen creature like men … is in himself and in his works forever imperfect.  (Emphasis added.)

Malcolm Muggeridge, in The End of Christendom

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Well, judging by the quality of candidates for the Presidency and the endless list of problems we face from slow economic growth, to global violence, instability in the Middle East, the decline of the middle class and the decades of leftist rhetoric that complains about this country and blames all on the white male (or patriarchy as the “educated” like to say), we seem to be a land in turmoil.

Is Muggeridge right?  Who knows.  But the risk seems present.

Those who wish to ponder (and perhaps pray about our nation and the West) might do well to read of King Nebuchadnezz and his reluctant submission to the will of God as recounted in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 4, in the Old Testament. It is a fascinating story and one that is not soon forgotten, once read.

The point of the story is very simple and more than fits our circumstances today.

The point?  Until the primacy of God is acknowledged failure is certain.

Yes, this is a lesson we badly need to learn.  At present, I hear no candidate who knows the truth of this story.  My view is this: until we know this story and see it reflected in our would-be leaders, we are flirting with disaster for man is imperfect no matter the boasts employed or invoked.

“Your kingdom will be assured to you after you recognize that Heaven rules.”  (Emphasis added.)

Dan 4:26

Contrary to the most boastful Left, in particular, man is not God.  No, Bernie, we need not transform the nation except that we return to God.  Oh, that’s right you say you’re “not religious.”  Well, there are many like you and there is chaos and injury aplenty to show for it.  Ya’ might want to try a little humility, you can find it in faith – it does wonders for health, wisdom, prosperity and longevity.