God always speaks mythologically.

Carl Jung, M.D. in Letters: Volume I

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Many who claimed to be Christians live by rubrics, by rules and rote-practices … the structures and forms created by man.  But is this enough?  Is this belief?  Is this the experience of God?  Is this what Jesus is telling us?  What he shows us?

Think of Jesus interacting with the Pharisees.  Is he not critical of their rigid dependence on rules and practices?  Does he not say he came to fulfill the law? Give us life in abundance?  Was he not saying it was his place to allow us to believe in God?  To experience God in this mortal life?  To extend life beyond mortal existence into eternity?

Belief and experience.

We have in secular culture a crisis of belief and, as a consequence, we have altered and curtailed the opportunity and capacity for the human to experience both being human and God.  We are far worse for it. Intimacy is lost.  Feeling loses depth.  Virtues are missing.  The center falls apart.  Hostility and coldness is common.  Lies and lunacy multiply. Indifference, too.  Love is lost.  Lust grows.  Use dominates, as does the shallow life of the ego. Conflict flourishes, wisdom fades, and heroism diminished.

When we do not and cannot believe, we alter the human experience.  This is the primary problem in our land, in the West.

Absent belief, we depend on others – on such as Hillary, The Donald, Bernie the Bagel, Barrack who only divide … on government, exclusively on our own dubious power and alleged genius, on money, appearance, control, brute force, violence, title, alcohol, drugs, possessions, the lies we create, dispense and adhere to.

“Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

Jn 11:40

Jung is saying this: to hear God, to see God in mortal life, to experience God in this world – one must believe.  Without belief, there is no such experience of God.

Once upon a time we understood what myths said to us, what ageless truth they conveyed. Yes, once we believed.  Once we were smart, and human.  Not now.

Without belief, we cannot experience either God or being human.  Without believe, we are condemned and life is dark, destructive, sad, empty and hostile.


Please share Spirlaw with others, and this post in particular.  I am coming to the view that we may be called now to live independent of the choices we see.  Yes, we may be called to discipleship in a way that is primary and distinct.