When a man offers a sacrifice peace offerings to the Lord … from the herd or of the flock, it must be perfect to be accepted; there shall be no defect in it.

Lev. 22:21

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This is a passage from the Old Testament that addresses the offerings of calves and lambs to the Lord.  Yet, it makes a point that applied today.

The point?  When we offer ourselves to God we are to strive humbly to offer the best each of us are, and can be.  The point is this, to me, we are to strive to live as well as we can, knowing that we will sometimes fail and that it is in the intention to give our best to God that we conform to this passage.

So today, this short message: dedicate yourself to God by simply living as well as you can – in kindness, forgiveness, compassion, honesty, welcome, love, understanding and the like.

In short, live each day to the fullest.  Accept life as it is presented and grow in the rust and love of God. Your life is a gift.

Your life is what you try to live. Nobody can live it for you or instead of you.

Carl Jung, M.D.

Make of your life – a good offering.