In my darker moments I have a bad hunch.  The fraying of the bonds that keep us together, the anomie of … popular culture … the rising radicalism of the politically correct … the increase demand of all levels of government for the money of the people … these things may come together at some point in our lifetimes …

Peggy Noonan, in The Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2010

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Yes, these things and a few more have finally come together and we see them in the American voter today.

The fact is that during the last six decades America, led by the Left, has been deconstructed.  The bonds have more than frayed.

The Party of perpetual “change” and government expansion has done us wrong, drastically wrong and people feel the dislocation and see the chaos created by the Left in all quarters: domestic and international, in the economy, in security affairs, in the family, the schools, in their communities, in neighborhoods, and in their government – especially in the federal government.

Think about it.  In the last six decades we have seen the government grow, become more intrusive and far less competent. We have legalized abortion, use tax revenues to fund organizations that sell the body parts of unborn children. We have “re-defined” marriage, scoffed at religion and those who are religious. We have seen the growth of out-of-wedlock births and swelled the rolls of those dependent on government and the tax dollars of a dwindling number of working Americans.

We have seen the growth of special pleading groups that seek something from a government which rarely denies any demand.  We have seen the Civil Rights movement quickly become a quota system and create greater race consciousness that has morphed into Black racism for too many among us.  We have made police officers our enemy.

We have seen the President act, not as the equal of the judiciary and the legislature, but rather as a monarch who chafes if anyone questions his “authority.”

We have created a sea of “entitlements” which we are unlikely to be able to meet.  Our military has been shrunk as the world has become more dangerous. We have upset the stability in the Middle East and reduced our leadership role dramatically.

We have grown the welfare state, ballooned our national debt, and dampened the economy.  We have managed the decline of our education system and reduced secondary and college education to political and cultural indoctrination.

We have allowed the IRS to become political, have had a Secretary of State whose misdeeds did Edward Snowden-like harm to our national security, and have a Commander-in-Chief who appears to have been missing when we were attacked in Benghazi.

Yes, deconstruction is frightening.

Indeed, we see that particularly in immigration.  Common Americans know a nation that cannot control its borders and bestows benefits and privileges on those who enter illegally or without proper scrutiny is a country on the verge of disintegration.

Yes, the stakes are quite high.  Yes, things have come together in our lifetime.