” … deliver us from evil.”

Mt 6:13

+ + +

This is the last petition in the Lord’s Prayer.

The evil referred to here is not an abstraction but Satan, the Evil One who opposes God – he who obstructs God’s plan and salvation through Jesus Christ. Yes, evil takes a personified form.  Many act in his name.  Many reject God and obstruct God’s plan.

Those who reject God pursue objectives that thwart salvation – salvation through our relationship with Christ.

Satan is known as a murderer and liar from the beginning.  Yes, psychiatrists like M. Scott Peck, M.D., who have encountered evil people identify evil as being built on lies – blatant untruth.

We know that in keeping in relationship with God we stay free of evil.  We known that truth must be our path if we are to retain the good we are made to know. Yes, self-deception is untruth. Yes, facing facts and circumstances as they appear is essential.  Yes, seeing those who deceive us and live lies is essential and their rejection likewise is required and essential.  Brutal honesty.  No “sugar-coating.” Truth as truth – unvarnished and clear.

In life seek what is true.  Keep close to God.  Live in relationship to Christ.  Be attentive to what is true and alert to what is false.  In the mass communication of a secular culture, you must be especially vigilant – more so when power is so often worshiped and sought.

There is no God but our God.