Destiny waits in the hand of God.

T.S. Eliot, in Murder in the Cathedral

+ + +

Our dignity is intrinsically mysterious.  It is bestowed on us in our creation.  Yes, we are glorified by God, dignified in this act, made sacred each one.

In our dignity there is God, the Creator – He who is Glory calls us into being so we might know Him and His Glory, and His love of us and of all His creation.

Yes, like God – we have infinite value, a value that resides in Him and imparted to us.

It is our sacred destiny to know our value, to claim our dignity.  This we either embrace or reject in life, in our walk through life.

To claim one’s dignity requires a relationship with God: a confidence in the worth He bestows on us no matter our imperfections, blemishes, failures, wrong doing. Yes, to claim dignity is to maintain an honest appraisal of our self, to face honestly who we are, the circumstances we live, and to grow in self-awareness and confidence in God.

The many who reject this task cause enormous problems for themselves and all they encounter, or who surround them.

Our dignity is our destiny.  Thus enters the significance of freedom – that is, liberty, the pursuit of happiness (our dignity and destiny) and the essential place in life of religious freedom.

In a culture of faith, man is free to discover his worth, his sacred dignity and in doing so fulfill his destiny.  In a society that makes God unwelcome, this is not so.

Alas, the modern secular world is a world of fear, laziness and enslavement. Fear of seeing our self as we are, submitting to God as Sovereign, Ruler of All Creation and lazy in that we seek only what is “easy” no matter the self-deception and its destruction – yes, our enslavement.

Dignity: it must be seized.  Your destination: your sacred destiny.  Yes, ours is a spiritual drama lived best in a free society where faith resides in welcome.

God deny you peace, and give you glory.

Miguel De Unamuno, in The Tragic Sense of Life