On the Day of Justice Antonin Scalia’s Funeral Mass

 “… who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the living God?  … Let no man’s heart fail … The Lord … will deliver me from the hand of the Philistine.”

1 Sam 17: 26, 32, 37

+ + +

What is one to do when one, one’s faith, one’s honorable existence, one’s liberty, one’s land and one’s God is attacked from within and without?

We might learn from David who faced and slayed Goliath, while the armies of Israel were hesitant with fear.

The above are young David’s his words.  Chapter 17 of the First Book of Samuel contains the account of David’s faith and bravery.

So what might we learn?  That others will challenge us, our faith, our God, our people, our nation, our civilization, our religion, liberty, and existence.  Yes, others wish us harm. Some are within.  Some are without.  But evil comes when God is denied and thus God must not be denied if we are to survive and flourish.

Victory comes to those who believe and act on that belief.

Dismissing God is not an option.

Yes, first we learn David’s great lesson.  And it is this: fear not, the Lord will deliver the Believer from the hand of the godless aggressor.

Yes, we live in David’s time.  No one who denies God can lead to anything but sin, failure, capitulation, retreat and defeat.  Reject those who do not believe. Listen not to them for they are full of fear and godlessness.  Their ways lead to death.

Be brave.  Have faith, and show it.  The hearts of those who believe do not fail.


Anyone who does not know that we are in a battle for this land and our faith and liberty has not grown up in Boston nor share the Celtic blood, I can assure you.

Please share this post with others who might welcome it – or need its perspective.  Thank you.  God speed.