For just as through the disobedience of one person many were made sinners, so through the obedience of one the many will be made righteous.

Rom. 5:19

+ + +

We live in a fallen age, a smug age in which people act rather “out of time” – as if they are so smart and “select” that they are fit to discard concepts and orientations that have stood the test of time.  Unfortunately, we see this in the United States today.

You need a particular?  We act as if we are smart enough to reconfigure reality, solve all problems, exceed human limits despite the obvious calamity we generate out of even “good intentions.”

For example, despite the fact that the planet has been warming over the last 11,000 years, we are fixed on stopping global warming.  Likewise we redefine marriage; we fabricate a constitutionally-protected right to kill children after having exited the dark, primitive time in human history of child and human sacrifice.

A particular problem arises when we think that there is no sin – no sinful individual or aggregate sin.

Few today could offer a coherent discourse on sin.  Why?  First, to understand sin one must understand the profound relationship between God and man.  When few have a relationship with God, sin and evil go unnoticed, unnamed.  Islamic terrorism becomes “workplace violence.”

Yes, those who live today explain away all sin and evil as largely the product of inadequate “social structures” and, in this, the faithless in politics double-down on godless plans and policies rather than acknowledge and own their godlessness and its sinful and evil fruit.

Virtually no one in leadership position or engaged in public conversation could offer this simple and historical explanation: sin is the denial of God.  Nor can anyone in public life comprehend that in denying God sin flows freely and all their acts turn to sin and destruction – the exact opposite of what is Good.

You doubt that disregard for sin has a consequence in your life today?

Case in point: my friend Carl has private health insurance.  He has cancer for the second time.  His treatment experience under Obamacare has been a nightmare.

He has had inexcusable obstacles in getting treatment, getting admitted into a hospital, securing the leadership of one oncologist.  He has had hospital stays cut short on hourly notice.  He has had to have much of his “care” administered at home by a series of “visiting” nurses or nursing aids.

He needs now an interim stay in an acute rehab facility having “used” his month long stay in a large hospital.  Yet, those who might provide his care get to reject his entry into their facility.

Lest you think Carl is simply caught in a bureaucratic cabal, his wife is a director of human resources at a large private company and knows the health care business and insurance benefits and obligations inside out.  He has an expert advocate and faces this inhumane and insane conduct.

My point?  When you are godless as those who “designed” and “pushed” Obamacare on us – what comes to us is this: sin and evil.  Not sick enough – Obamacare will make you sick in the heart.

Make no mistake, if those who offer themselves as leaders have no relationship with God – they will do but one thing: sin – create a mess.  For without God all that comes from man is sin.

Say a prayer for Carl and all others stuck in this sinful mess.