A man who has no enemies is probably not a very good man.

Antonin Scalia, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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These words, like many spoken by men and women of faith, character and intellect, contain a wisdom that withstands the ages. Yes, a truth that informs in all times and circumstances.

You doubt it?

I often reminded my fiends in the law, judges and practicing lawyers, that the last official, public act of Christ was a trial.  And I would ask them what they thought of that?  What it might mean or say to them?  What role Pilate’s lack of faithful understanding played in his consideration, or that of Herod, in the trial and crucifixion of Christ?

Not a one had considered this before I mentioned it.

Law, lawyers, judges and the justice system at-large play a profound role in human existence, governance and civilization.  More so, without faith’s presence among those who judge, advocate, defend, prosecute, legislate or enforce the law, the law is merely a stick to beat an adversary or get one’s own (often distorted, grossly destructive and selfish) way.

Justice Scalia was uniquely a brave, and wise, and faithful man who stood in the way of injustice, lawlessness and our great nation’s decline.

Yes, those of faith and intellect in the law and in life make enemies of those who more often than not wish to “hold their breath” in childish tantrum so others less faithful, less smart, less strong and less dedicated to truth might give in to errant and destructive demands and points of view.

Justice Scalia contrasts shapely with Caiaphas, the Chief Priest for the Jewish population, who said in response to the fear that Jesus would sway others to follow him and thereby jeopardize those privileged to command the Jewish people:

” … it is expedient for you that one man die for the people, and that the whole nation not perish.”

The desire to kill Jesus followed as a prelude to His arrest, trial, scourging and execution.

Yes, good men, just as Jesus, like Justice Scalia says – make enemies. You see truth, belief – along with faith – are often rejected by the selfish (those who plead and judge) who seek but their own success, power and privilege.

Justice Scalia was the leading intellect on the Supreme Court, and the single member of the Court with extraordinary character, courage and faith.

His seat on the Supreme Court is the seat occupied by the best legal scholar we have and the person with the most profound faith, a faith that informed his intellect while preserving the Constitution and the fundamental liberty interest of American citizens as enshrined by or Founders.

Those who must approve Justice Scalia’s replacement must approve only the very best legal scholar who guards the original intent of our Constitutional fathers while holding a dedication to faith as Catholic Antonin Scalia did.  Anything less is a betrayal.

A Caiaphas, Pilate or Herod we neither need nor deserve. Hold firm, people.


Those who believe as I that Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court is that of an ardent, esteemed, courageous legal scholar who is informed by his Catholic Christian faith might wish to send this post to others.  I encourage you to do so, if you wish.