“Master, the one you love is ill” … When he heard that he was ill, he remained for two days in the place where he was.

Jn 11: 3,6

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The quote above are the words in a message that Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus, sent to Jesus to tell of Lazarus being quite ill.

Jesus, you recall, often stayed with Mary, Martha and Lazarus as a safe location, away from those who wished to kill him.  It was, for Jesus, a safe house – a place where his friends sheltered him.

Yet, with such urgent news from his close friends, he remained in place.

What kind of person would remain in place when their dear friend was taken ill, seriously enough to be summoned by his friend’s sisters?

Think about this.  Reflect on it?

What can you say of Jesus and his reaction?  How do you honestly react to Jesus’ delay? What measure do you take of it?

We grow by taking in the questions that come to us naturally.  Most importantly, we grow spiritually by wrestling with these questions.  Yes, we gain a depth of life, understanding and faith in attending to these questions.

What, do you imagine, is Jesus up to in his delay?


[Tomorrow, Part II of “Reflecting on Lazarus.”]