The Lord is good to those who wait on Him, to the person who seeks Him.

Lam 3:25

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Do you wait on God?  Are you patient?  Do you vest confidence and trust in God? Or are you impatient – willing only to rely on your self?  Your schemes?  Your very limited intellect?

Waiting on God builds our trust in Him, our confidence.  It drives away the worry we might otherwise have.  Likewise, the anxiety that comes from the unknown and self-doubt.

When we wait we learn to listen for God to speak.  We learn to see in events God’s presence and His intent.

When we wait for Him out relationship with Him deepens, grows, matures, become routine – an every day reality.

He who waits on God is favored in victory.  He who waits on God saves themselves and others from our foolish and destructive acts and their long term consequences.

We are smarter who wait for God.  Our vision is clear, our resolve stronger.

Those who wait on God say in their waiting, “Only the Lord my God can save me; none other can.”  And this, “I trust in Him and know that He will fulfill my hopes and provide plenty I did not imagine.”

Those who wait on God trust in Him.  In that trust we live according to His will, and all meets His purpose for us and others.

Look around at our public figures, those who profess to lead.  Do they wait for the Lord? Or, are they constantly telling you to trust in them?  Counseling that we follow their “plan?” Do they but rely on their very limited “wisdom” without any evidence of their trust in God?

Trump, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Barrack Obama.  All people of the “big plan” but no evidence of their faithful ability to wait on God.  No, they seem to trust in their own divinity.  Beware, lest you get snookered once again.


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