God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

Jn 3:16

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Well it is Lent and it coincides this year with the run-up to national elections and, in particular the election of a President.

The convergence of Lent with this most perplexing political ballet gives reason to pause and take note.  Who are we now?  Who have we been?

I am struck by many things in this moment and at this juncture in American life. Perhaps the most salient is the ignorance displayed as to who we have been right from our birth as a nation.

Apropos, I refer to the positions advanced my candidates and the lame questions and commentaries of the self-appointed television and op-ed interlocutors.  Like a number of the candidates, the latter seem without knowledge of our history, our Founders and their deism, the intellectual and constitutional context of our founding.

Case in point: Bernie Sanders who, like most people on the Left propose “change” – that is “change” that befits their uninformed and failed ideological and idiosyncratic personal misunderstandings and prejudice.

Absence, of course, is any notion that our Founders believed and acted on the Christian proposition that God had come to humankind that was alienated from the Source, meaning and ultimate end of their life.

Yes, our Founders were centrally motivated by the belief that Christ, in his crucifixion and resurrection, came to dissolve human divisions and hostilities that separated us from one another and our Creator.

Indeed, the Founders saw an implicit political meaning in their faith.  Their view of government rested on their faith, is reflected in their political statements and documents, the Constitution included.

For them, it was God, not man, government or political power, who exalted and glorified all human beings.

They knew the limits of man’s feeble efforts to bestow value and meaning on one another without relationship to God. They knew that man’s efforts to glorify man without God was always trite, usually enslaving and ended in perpetual failure.

At the present we see in the Democrat Party of the Left, and to a lesser degree in the Republican Party, the idea that man alone in politics has the genius to do unending good.

A case in point, Mr. Sanders’ Gospel is Marxist-socialism.  He describes himself as a “cultural Jew” and “not particularly religious.”  Yet, he has unbridled confidence (hubris, shall we say) that he, with Karl Marx and Eugene Debs, can to for humankind what God sent a crucified Son to do.  Shall be actually have faith in this Leftist Trinity?

How peculiar.  This from a man who did not earn a steady paycheck until he was 40 and won election to public office which he subsequently occupied in one form or another for the next 34 years.

No use for labor for this fellow.  Peculiar indeed.  But then again, this Brooklyn exile and former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, chose Communist Managua, Nicaragua, as his town’s sister city … not, eh – Jerusalem, shall we note.

Yes, this man devoid of military service chaired the U.S. Senate Committee that oversaw the medical care of American veterans, and we know what that scandal-ridden operation has become.  Who might entrust government and “change” to this Marxist disciple?

Indeed, how is it that those without faith endlessly “preach” change by larger and larger government and the loss of liberty?

Arrogance and ignorance, folks.  Yes, it is always the case that the “do-nothings,” know nothing.

Are we not called today to return to Christ and the wisdom of our Founders?


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