Jesus … would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.

Lk 5:16

+ + +

Lent is upon us.  It is a time to “slip away” so we might have time with our self, with silence, with our aspirations, our questions, our doubts, our God.

Lent – a time of intimacy.  Reflection.  Introspection.  Prayer.  A time to abandon the world as it is composed, its noise, its frenzy, its demands,  its doubts, its problems, worries, struggles, tensions, stress, conflicts.

Lent – a short time each year to retreat to the desert within.

Lent – a scared time of peace within.  Time in the desert.  Time to hear yourself. Hear silence.  Here your heart beat.  Hear your breathing.  Hear God speak … speak to you.

Lent – in this time we are reassured.