You’re trying to escape from your difficulties, and there never is any escape … never.  They have to be faced and fought.

Enid Blyton, in Six Cousins at Misletoe Farm

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Far more often than not I think: Am I the only one who has lived through problems, not fled but faced them and learned by them, grew by them?

I very often encounter people who have tried with all their energy to ignore reality and most frequently to ignore anything problematic or difficult.  These people are legion and they do enormous damage to themselves and all who must bend to their stilted, twisted fantasy world.

Many make the mistake in this utterly crippling secular culture to attempt to attend to life under their exclusive power (such as that limited power is).   They are the people who, out of pride and foolish misunderstanding, think that they must face all things alone, in private.  However obviously pained they are, they retain a stoic silence, an attitude that more resemble death than joy.  Painful to see?  Yes.  But that is pride and foolishness on display.

One of my favorite things to ponder is the stupidity and fear of the very bright and “diligent” person who faces real problems but rather than confront them “doubles down” and works harder without ever acknowledging the problem.

Funny how well-educated people can be so dumb.  Things going in the wrong direction, I’ll just keep going but do more and work harder and faster!!!  Some plan, there …  Talk about primitive and stupid …

Problems come to everyone.  They are a common denominator in life.  They are meant to teach us, mature us, strengthen us.  Their avoidance defeats their intention.

Avoidance only insures our weakness, defeat, sustained suffering.

When we fail to face and fight through problems we remain without wisdom, without cunning and life always becomes more difficult, it circumstances continue to dominate us.

Look around and ask yourself who among you appears to have encountered and faced difficulties.  They are the people who want to know and be like.  If you are smart you’ll seek their counsel and listen to them.  It is, for you, a matter of survival and prosperity, health and happiness, wisdom and a sounds night’s sleep.

Difficulties?  Face and fight through them.  By the way, ignoring problems is, frankly, faithless.