… combat is reflective of life, only amplified and intensified.

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, p. 12

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If combat is like life, life is like combat.

Surely that has been a lesson I learned a long time ago.  Likewise it is a lesson others, including Presidents, seem intentionally to ignore, choosing rather to live fiction, hide from reality at great cost to them and all those around them.

How can life be like combat?  Try a father who deserts his family leaving his young wife with an infant son and no job.  Try the early deaths of those who helped raise you.  Try the lost of a home and relocation to public housing. Try unemployment.  Poverty.  The night shift.  A wife who dies of cancer before she is thirty.  Or a wife who walks away from her family because she doesn’t need a husband or son anymore.

Or try being a trial lawyer.  Working for yourself.   Seeing the judicial system from the inside or the inane exclusive reliance on reason or its twisted offspring: ideology, or worse reliance on appearance and celebrity – what is false, a lie commonly held by the weak.

Or try getting a college degree, a law degree, two master degrees with dyslexia so profound that you must read out loud to understanding what you are reading.

Combat, folks, combat.

In life as combat, you know survival.  You live by your wits, but more so by your invincible grit – toughness, a steel hard resolve … and a cunning sense of humor – the product of having to “read” people and situations better and quicker than others.  Yes, a chip on your shoulder – a fight in you ready to be invoked.  Life as Combat.

Yes, you see the enemy.  You realize their nature, tactics, weaknesses – you act accordingly.  And you grow compassion, see those in need and come to their defense.  You attract the right kinds of friends.  Your faith grows.  Confidence, too.  You build relationships that last decades, a lifetime.  Yes, the longer you live in combat the stronger and wiser you get.

The problem with many who wish to “lead” today?  They know neither life nor combat, and surely not life as combat.  Worse yet, most people have neither the eye or “feel” for who can lead.  You doubt this is so?  Try “leading from behind.” Some nonsense, huh.