Acquire the spirit of peace and a thousand souls shall be saved around you.

St. Seraphim

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find a sparse place that humbles you, leaves you leaner so you might know beauty and bend like a reed in the wind but never break/find your comfort and warmth in a stack of blankets/no need for public acclaim, ambition or success

find the pure act, your pure act

play well your best gift so others may do the same/live the natural, ineffable flow/improvise/unique harmony follows

God as pure act


many languish in potential, living a muffled, unrealized yearning for is-ness/being that is God

be immediate, in the moment/fully present


Time as nearness to God: in the minute RIGHT NOW/every minute/physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, interpersonal acuity = spiritual existence/every breath

the essence of God in the essence of pure act in immediate time, time after time

Trusting God, time, you, other, The Whole

live to edge closer to pure act, no intervening person, event, task – BEING/ be a loving presence/allow for exile


Time is best consumed inside and alone – minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year


Vocation?  Lover, Friend, Monk

see the world without, and within


share but never shout/settle in yourself/help others to that place

breathe and write for yourself/do each every day – the former more than once each day

faith and art are the same/they occupy a life well lived


Gift?  You fully alive, shared quietly in gentle voice, few words, soft shades.


Note: Robert Lax was a friend and classmate of Thomas Merton.  A Jew, he converted to Catholicism and abandoned American life for the Greek islands and a solitary life of poetry.  He lived life as pure act so others might as well.

This blog is inspired by the words of Michael N. McGregor in his excellent article about Robert Lax in the Winter edition of Notre Dame Magazine, Winter 2015-2016.