My heart and flesh cry out for the living God.

Ps 84:3

+ + +

Our entire being “with all its sorrows, fears and sadness” seeks the Good, seeks God.

Yes, we need not deny the injuries, the setbacks, the betrayals for they, as much any anything we experience, bring us to the agony of Christ and union with our God.

No life is without its troubles, its slights and its suffering, but none are too great to keep us from God.  Hence our heart and our flesh cry out for God.

No injury is larger than our God.  Nothing keeps us from God.

Fear not.  We all walk the Pilgrim Road.

The Lord withholds no good thing from those who walk without reproach.

Ps. 84:12

Walk, Pilgrim.  Never stop.  Never turn away.  Never quit.


Meditation Moment – Imagine that you are at your core of being rooted in one thing – the desire for God, to know God and be known by God, to live in the ambit of the central thing that defines you and all others.  And then imagine you live in a culture and political environment that denies you that which is your central identity.

Do you understand chaos and confusion?  Illness and sadness you see?  Do you see what makes you whole and at peace?  What makes you certain, stable and joy-filled?  Are you denied your identity?

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