As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in love.

Jn 15:9

+ + +

For the Christian charity is the most important theological virtue for Jesus makes of it our central commandment – to love God above all else, and love your neighbor as yourself.

In this one instruction is Christianity.

In this one instruction we are Christians … in this one instruction we live as Christ lived.  In one instruction we love as Christ loved.

In this loving we come to know that love is patient and kind, but neither jealous nor boastful, nor arrogant or rude.  In this loving we come to know that love does not seek its own way, that it is not irritable or resentful, that it rejoices in what is good and not what is wrong.

This is the love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes in all things, and endures all things.

In this love we come to know that without love we have nothing.  

A Christian knows that love holds all things together in harmony for it is both the source and goal of Christian existence.  In this Christian love we meet the perfection that is divine love, the love that is God.

In this love Christians are the free children of God, no longer slaves to mere human nature and all of life’s mortal concerns, uncertainties and worries.

In this love, we know joy, and peace, and mercy; in it we find friendship and community.

Living the Christian theological virtue of love is living in the pursuit of happiness. In living this, mortal life becomes life in the full, and eternal life awaits.


As your part in discipleship, please share this message with others.  In a troubled world, we are all witnesses.