From someone who has a hammer all problems look like a nail.  The same is true of someone who has an instrumentally rational view of the world.

Charles Taylor

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Charles Taylor is one of the most esteemed philosophers alive today.  He is a Canadian, a Catholic and the author of the deservedly highly-praised A Secular Age.

In A Secular Age, he explores the proposition that it is no longer axiomatic that people in the West believe – that is, in a secular age one’s goal becomes earthy, human flourishing however that may be defined and pursued.

Obviously, the stakes are high when all meaning resides in the immanent – the here and now.  In such a state, we see among us many who cannot prosper under that burden.  We see them as the habitually addicted, those of inter-generational poverty, those enslaved in government dependence, those living without initiative, confidence or sense of responsibility and value.

Tragically, none of our would-be political leaders or public intellectuals seem to grasp what Taylor sees.  Debates and conversations reflect no particular appreciation for how secularism perpetuates through government and public conversation that is devoid of useful insight as to the problems of those who burden without belief.

On the contrary, no one in the public arena seems able to comprehend that absent belief we do not flourish, we lose meaning and the capacity to be fully human.  Yes, sickness multiplies as do the fatalities.

In an interview, Taylor was asked to identify the intellectual adversaries of belief today. In response he named those of instrumental rational thinking which attempts to understand human existence in mechanistic categories linked ideologically with control over nature (institutions, ideas and others).

To these people – all problems are a nail and their ideology is a hammer.  Enter the nonsense of Bernie Sanders, socialism and the Big Government types both Democrats and moderate Republicans, income redistribution to “solve” all manner of things from health care to entrance into the middle class via unearned and unwarranted subsidies.  Likewise the painfully dumb state of all things intended to address racism, sexism and any other “ism” that allows a preferred group to piggy back on the wealth and hard work of others. And, of course, the never ceasing growth of the federal government at the expense of debt we cannot afford, security we forfeit, liberty we lose and foolishness geometrically expanded.

Yet, nothing said as to belief and its abandonment in a nation that was founded on it.

Does any one read anymore?  Think?  Look around and ponder what is occurring before their very eyes, or commented upon by the brightest people in our midst?

It seems our public life looks exactly like a Marx Brothers romp … and that is only funny until a nation and civilization is lost.


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