There is no true holiness without humility.

Thomas Fuller, in Gnomologia

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Early morning rise.  Late start.

Notes to my Dear Friend sweet McGillis and my old New England law school pal Irish Marty, and cleaning the house top to bottom in the chilling winter with its wind and open blue skies and its snow-covered ground, a cold that says “you are alive, make it mean something no matter how frigid.”

Van Morrison singing Hymns to the Silence.  Hot tea in hand.


Life is like one-on-one schoolyard basketball – you and God and He beats you every time, everyday.  But you never miss a game.  In it – humility.  Life – humility.  You learn day upon day that there is a God and you are not God.

There is a restful tranquility in humility, a release – a license to live and space for God and God’s love and mercy.  In humility, you need not “do it all.”  No, we are far less and much more than we know.  Humility.  It teaches like nothing can.

My best days are spent helping God’s special ones know that they matter and are far better than they realize.  Yes, it is incredible – we are more than we even know or can effect on our own because we have a loving God.

Oh, so many never know this.  So many doubt this and submit to those who conspire to say – even in acts of intended help – this: “You are less and always will be because I am more.”

Nonsense.  Life is one-on-one basketball.  You and God.  He beats you and in time you get better.  Humility.

Glory be to God.

Tell be a story now, now that its over, wrap it in glory for one Irish Rover.  Tell me you’re wiser now, tell me you’re older – wrap it in glory for one Irish Rover.

Van Morrison

Humility tells you this: your life is not about you but those who love you along the way, and most importantly those you love in turn.

Seek humility and all is exquisite and oh so satisfying.