Blizzard over.  Now the clean-up.

We are well along the road to moral chaos that is the end of radical individualism and the tyranny that is the goal of radical egalitarianism.  Modern liberalism has corrupted our culture across the board.

… religion and morality … have been so weakened that individualism is breaking loose and becoming radical and destructive.

Robert H. Bork, in Slouching Toward Gomorrah

Morality today is in a state of grave disorder.

Alasdair MacIntyre, in After Virtue

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MacIntyre wrote the above in 1984; Bork wrote his words in 1997.

Our divergence from morality, our heritage and its genius, from faith and fellowship, civility and appreciation for the gift of this country has been unfolding for decades. Modern liberals and the Left have led the parade.  Too many moderates and too many elected Republicans have played footsie with this decline and the disgorging of our national identity and our ways of life.

Conservative Republican Senator Malcolm Wallop wisely observed: “If the Democrats were to suggest burning down every building on Capitol Hill, the Republican moderates would say, ‘That’s too radical.  Let’s do it one building at a time and stretch it out over three years.'”

Conservatives have been the only defense against total collapse of historic America.

Enter the Tea Party and Donald Trump.

Trump’s appeal is this: our elected representatives have not posed an opposition to the destructive radicalism of the modern liberals and the Left which has been housed in the ever-expanding and ever-incompetent and tainted federal government.

Is Trump the ideal voice?  No.  But he is the only voice at ground-zero of the problem, a problem of moral decline that, as you see from Bork and MacIntyre, has been a topic of conversation for decades.  If you doubt this think: Goldwater, Buchanan, Reagan, William Buckley, Russell Kirk, et al.

Trump’s appeal is his authenicity.  He is who he is.  And it is his message – which is the expression of commonsense push-back against the destructive force of modern liberalism and the Left.

We live in interesting times.  The stakes are high, as high as a loss of liberty and nation can be.

There is … a more aggressive conservatism, or traditionalism, and it is there that our salvation must be found, if it is to be found at all.

Robert Bork