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Once a society is launched on the path of secularization it cannot stop in the halfway house of Liberalism, it must go on to the bitter end, whether that end be Communism or some alternative type of totalitarian secularism.

Christopher Dawson, in Religion and the Modern State

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The BBC carried a news story yesterday confirming with aerial photos that ISIS destroyed the 1400 year old monastery (St. Elijah-Mosul) in Iraq, erased it from history.

Why is this important?  For two reasons.  One, it shows that radical Muslims intend to eradicate Christians and any evidence of Christianity from the Middle East and the West. Yes, they intend on exterminating Christians.  Their objective is clear.

Secondly, our church leaders (such as they are) and the secular and Leftist political parties and politicians have said nothing, done nothing in response. Indeed the parties and politicians capitulate.

In this surrender they show no regard for religion and surely not for Christians, nor do they show any regard for the paramount role of Judaism and Christianity in creating America, furthering liberty and democracy, and building and sustaining Western Civilization.

On the contrary – make no mistake – the secularist and Left politicians and parties are hostile to faith, to religion, to Christianity and Judaism – hold each in contempt.

It seems clear that Believers must hold their ground, work together – minority that we now are – defend ourselves and preserve our place in secular culture.

As Christian Believers we are “the Body of Christ.”  We are “The Church.”  It is our time and our task.  This is our priority.  Nothing is of greater importance to you, your children and grandchildren, the nation or the West.

The church must either surrender in the face of secularist order which makes a mockery of its ideals or set about changing that order.

F. Ernest Johnson, in Church and Society


Note – I am considering producing a short book of reflections utilizing 90 blog entries to help focus others on the serious challenge of secularism to Christianity and Judaism.  I would be very interested in your thoughts and comments on that idea.  Thank you.