Most … would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

George R.R. Martin, in A Game of Thrones

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Yes, there you have it; there you have the “State of the Union” presentation. And Hillary time after time.  And so many others.

Live your own fantasy.  Lie to your self.  Deny reality.

Those who do, and there are many and their voices are public and destructive, have practiced avoiding fact all their lives.  Fact and life is for them, too painful. They are not brave nor adult. And surely not wise.

They are smaller than the smallest child.  Infantile.  Pretenders.  Afraid of reality.

Infants’ books were made for them.  Their small worlds are full of mighty fabrications. Oh, they are “educated” – schooled in elite places – but never took a punch.  Rather, they rejected the pains that make us human, humble, compassionate, wise, strong, insightful and adult.

They are “side-liners” of no particular achievement who prefer ideology to reality.  For them, hard truth must be denied at all costs – even at the cost to a nation and others who die unnecessarily as a consequence.  Benghazi, for one.

Their universe is upside down and backward.  Incoherent.  Mindless.  Built on lies.  Yes, a captured naval officer thanks his captors.  Fantasy as public policy, and young officers learn the script. Astonishing!  Annie get your gun.

In his excellent book A Secular Mind, Robert Coles reports on his conversations with the once Leftist-“activist,” turned devout Catholic Dorothy Day who said that she began to turn away from her Communists friends when she realized she could complete their sentences word or word, concept for concept, idea for idea, expression for expression before they did.

We have so many public people living in a fantasy world, we are now Dorothy Day.

Want to be safe, sane, competent adults?  Stop listening to the fantasy people. Indeed, confront them and rebuke them.  Send them packing.

No healthy life has ever been lived by those who deny hard truth.