Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.

Rabindranath Tagore, in Stray Birds

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The Book of Samuel contains the story of Hannah, the wife of Elkanah, who was barren but wanted a child very badly.  In the story, Hannah prays to God and asks for a child so she might dedicate the child to God.  In time, Samuel was born to Hannah and she, in thanksgiving, did just as she said she would. She dedicated the child to God.

One wonders if we think very much about woman having children. Of Hannah? Of children? Of God and children?  Of the sacred proposition of childbearing?

I’d conclude the answer is “no.”

Oh, we have those that clamour for policies that taxpayer money and “benefits” be accorded those who have children – especially those who have children out of wedlock , indeed any number of children out of wedlock.  But is there any thought that goes into introducing the idea that perhaps having a child requires some degree of understanding of the sacred nature of children, childbirth or motherhood?

I am apt to conclude that there is not.

When we fail to see clearly the depth and meaning of things, things natural to us, we forfeit meaning and human development – and when we repeat this over time: we become less human and less developed.

If you wish to destroy the person, a society, woman, children, the family, or a country, just keep neglecting what has depth of meaning, what is sacred, what is a sacred trust, a blessing from God – and you will achieve your objective.

For too long we have listened to the knee-jerk advocacy of the superficial Left who would have us proceed in matters of depth and meaning without consideration of the essence of what is right before us.  We fail to see that ideologues are, for the most part, shallow people – shallow in the way they are foolish and, wrapped tightly in their own feelings of being smart and superior to others, very, very destructive.

When it comes to mothers, children, family, what is sacred, and to faith and belief, the ideologue’s damage is incalculable.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord granted my request.  Now I … give him to the Lord.

1 Sam 1: 27, 28

Children are a gift from God.  So too are women and mothers with the proper disposition.