“My grace is sufficient for you …”

2 Cor 12:9

+ + +

A good friend of mine said recently that I may not realize how rare I was in the way I lived.  He explained that I lived life fully, engaged it, worked at understanding it more diligently than anyone he knew or had met.  As he said lesser people would have faded under any one of the challenges that I faced and lived through.

We explored this thesis together.

Frankly, I am of the view that I did little more than live the life I was given, took the life that I had and faced it trials and all.

Honestly, I never felt special – rather just thought of myself as another guy traveling down the road. And I never fashioned a life plan.

I lived by approximations – and intuition, feel and in response to circumstances and always by three constant questions.  One, how does one live a life?  Two, what’s going on around me?  Three, what does God wish me to know about the trials I faced and the events I experienced?

My point is a simple one: all I did was live the life I was given – sunshine or rain.

As I am now alive long enough to look back and size things up, I know that filled my life and at the time it appeared I did not necessarily know it was grace that I received, and enjoyed.

Indeed, I have concluded that accepting life as it came was itself a grace – that there was no particular plan that I designed except that with this unknown grace I lived what came my way, day after day, incident after incident, time after time.

If I am different, I am different in a way that we are all the same.

What?  Yes, different in a way that we are all the same.

You see grace accompanies each of us in our life – from conception to death. Yes, it is there and sufficient unto each of us.

We need not have a plan.  We cannot mirco-manage life.  Life happens to us; we do not happen to life.  Only time tells us that all along grace appeared, and being “rare” or “special” was simply this: accepting life and in doing so relying on God’s grace – whether known or not known.

If I am “rare” or “special” I am so only in the way each of you are, the way everyone is.  If there is one difference that matters it is in accepting the grace to live fully as life appears and in this doing one simple thing – collaborating with God’s grace.