Gratitude is the memory of the heart.


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It is a late post today and for good reason.

I have had the pleasure of a visit of a Dear Friend, Fr. Jake Greiner of Iowa.  We have spent the morning beginning last night when I picked him up at the airport after midnight “catching up,” sharing meaningful conversation and laughing at stories and probing deeply the life we live and enjoy.  An continuing today over multiple cups of coffee.

So today I offer you the above simple observation about gratitude.

Be grateful each day for those that God sends our way – those who love us and those we can love – especially those we encounter who need love.

If I were to have to tell someone who we are in essence – part of what I would say is this: at our best we are friends.

Be grateful for friends, for those who befriend us – and for our opportunity to befriend others.

Properly considered life is “cake” – a sweet treat and more so because there are friends and we can be friends to others.