Our wills are not ours to be crushed and broken; they are ours to be trained and strengthened.

Hamilton Wright Mabie

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Many things in life seem to stall us, trap us – but what of our will?  The ability to persevere.  The mental toughness to “gut it out,” “grind away,” refuse to quit, to give up?

Does not will overcome the obstacles that arise when feelings are hurt and action is needed?  Yes, of course it does.

But who has the will is the question?  Look around.  How many are trapped by childhood problems? Life’s misfortunes?

Is it not the case that all will be hurt in some primary way, suffer some insult and neglect?  Yes, of course it is.

But those who employ the will, arise from the damage and get stronger, smarter, more determined, more confident, wiser, sly and cunning.  Those who will advancement beyond the pain rely on the will to live, to live despite the setbacks – indeed, because of them.

Does God not give us free will for a reason?  Yes, so that will itself may be chosen and in doing so honor the sanctity of life that we have been given.