For after all, man knows mighty little, and may some day learn enough of his own ignorance to fall down again and pray.

Henry James

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2016.  A new year and what a welcome on the first business day of the year!

The Saudis and the Iranians are at one another’s throats; swords are drawn – not yet crossed.  Sunni versus Shia.  This is an age-old conflict and without a stable region it can surely arise.

So more disorder and conflict in the Middle East under the President’s watch.  No magic in a Nobel Prize prematurely awarded.  These faux awards neither confirm upon nor bring wisdom to a recipient.

And, the stock market continues to be in turmoil – dropping almost 300 points yesterday.

The last seven years brings to mind Thucydides, his account of the Peloponnesian War and the decline of Athens.

As he records the Athenians, flush with confidence after their triumph over the Persians (Nee, Iranians), acted in ways that created jealousy and resentment in others which was made all the worst by their increased wealth and power.

Increasingly corrupt, selfish and greedy, Athens, in due course, was attacked and defeated by Sparta, a militant rival city-state that ruled its people by terror.

In short, a once triumphant Athens succumbed to pride, corruption and a decline in political morality.

One would think someone in current pubic life just might know something of the past and see it in the present.  But alas the Left runs what once was education, and is blinded by ideology.

Sadly, we are poorly and pathetically governed.

Athens faded without a breath of divinity or insightful leadership.  Yes, gone – a victim of excess, faithlessness, pride and ignorance.

Lesson seemingly unlearned.