If we submit everything to reason, our religion will have nothing in it mysterious or supernatural.  If we violate the principles of reason, our religion will be absurd and ridiculous.

Blaise Pascal, in Pensees

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The task is always to save a place for faith, ever more so when we exalt the mind and the human person.

Let us not forget Aristotle.  His quest for truth sought reality in what was observable and experienced, that is intangible reality – like logic, meaning and causation.  He looked beyond what was physical to what was metaphysical.

He sought to know not merely objects, but the nature of reality.

Be alert to reason and its limits, for life engages that which is beyond reason’s measure, what is metaphysical, and real (very real) all the same.  Herein comes faith, experience and what one feels and hence knows.

When the cold of the day reminds you of the empty space within when your loved one was committed to the earth and you were now alone, you will know that reason alone does not govern the human being nor life.

Be wise.  Be smart.  Do not play against yourself, your nature, nor the world.